Terms & Conditions

 Please note the below applies to all orders, unless otherwise specified:

- All orders require a 75% deposit before Arya Jewellery can start production on your order.

- Our stones are certified by International Diamond Laboratories – certification is provided for all stones over 0.50 carats.

- Arya Jewellery prides itself with providing the customer with the highest quality. Production takes 21 working days unless otherwise specified.

- Delivery is subject to all Arya quality control standards/checks. In the unlikely event that there are any delays regarding to your order, you will be notified immediately.

- Arya Jewellery offers a single complimentary service on its range of products. Simply advise us if your items ever need cleaning and we will schedule an appointment to restore that original shine with a quality polish and clean.

- Arya prides itself on customer satisfaction, and so any issues that cannot be appropriately remedied will entitle the customer to a full refund within 15 days of purchase. *Note that this refund does not apply to customer approved elements of the jewellery.

- Please acknowledge prices are subject to change and exclusive of VAT.