Social Responsibility

As an independently owned business, we have the freedom to support causes we believe impacts the world in a positive way. Giving back is important to us and we want to share that passion with you, our customers. Through our Arya Give Back programme we hope to build a better business by connecting our customers with non-profit organisations around the globe. With every purchase you make, we are proud to donate 5% of our profits to an ‘Arya Give Back’ partner of your choice. Thank you in advance for helping us pay it forward and do our part to improve the living conditions of those around us. 

Learn More About Our Give Back Partners:


Atma is an Accelerator for Education NGOs and Social Enterprises in Mumbai. Atma is passionate about transforming the Indian education landscape into a place where every child really learns. We empower grassroots education NGOs to become bigger, better and stronger. We achieve these results by adopting a systematic management approach which leads NGOs to scale-up, expand their reach and dramatically increase student learning outcomes, and gradually change the future of education and India.

Subz Pads

Subz Pads are washable pads and panties that can be re-used. The panty is made from 100% cotton, and the pads made from 5 layers of hydrophilic fabric. Everyday thousands of girls in South Africa miss school due to having no access to sanitary wear during menstruation. That is one week every month, which is a massive set back in their school careers. Its hard to imagine that there are more than 2.1 million young girls, between the ages of 12 and 18 years that are living below the poverty line in South Africa, who have to resort to using old clothes, rags, newspapers, leaves, bark and grass because they cannot afford sanitary towels. By donating to Subz Pads you can help bring girls back to school.

One Girl

One Girl is on a mission to educate young girls and give them a brighter future. More than 60 million girls around the world are not in school. It is not okay with us that an 11 year old girl can be sold to a 55 year old man in the name of marriage. It is not okay that a 12 year old girl is forced to sell herself in a brothel to earn money to survive. Stories like this that we hear each week are not inevitable. An education can change their story.